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Self, Soul, and God

Mystics always seem to, alone in solitude, find themselves, and find God, at the same time. The neuroscientist, Michael Graziano, thinks that Self, Soul, and God are all related manifestations of the human neurologic system of mental social perception.  NOT, mind you, mental social thinking, rather mental social perception.  He emphasizes perception – the experience of our senses […]

The Music of the Universe

“How do such simple things as atomic nuclei, or even more elementary particles like neutrons or muons, ‘know’ their half life?  . . .  These objects are like hair trigger bombs in an storm environment.  Space itself, seething with quantum fluctuations, supplies passing gusts, and every so often one is strong enough to to trigger […]

We are Electricity

Fish swim in water.   We swim in electromagnetism. We experience the gravitation field, we manipulate the quantum field, we wonder about a field of consciousness, but we live in the electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetism is light, it is energy, it is electricity, it is magnetism, it is charge.  And it is chemistry – the dynamically ordered […]

The Skill of Zen

The German professor of philosophy, Eugene Herrigel, as a guest professor in Japan,  studied the art of archery from a Zen Master, for 6 years.  He wrote of this in Zen and the Art of Archery, to explain the technique of Zen skill training. It was, for him, a mystifying and frustrating time.  Some how, […]

The Verbalist

Aldous Huxley was highly educated, at Oxford, in all the right subjects:  history, religion, the classics,  literature and philosophy.  He was blue blood.  His brother Julian was a renowned biologist.  His grandfather, Thomas Huxley, was the famous defender of Charles Darwin. Somehow he came  to realize that he did too much thinking, with words, and not […]

Ancestor Hominin

Fossilized footprints of Neanderthal were recently found in the sandstone of an ancient beach in northern France, adults with children going one way, adults only going back the other way. Starting forty thousand years ago, Neanderthal gradually disappeared, the last of them living in caves in the north and eastern sides of the rock of […]

Natural Born

They were originally Siberian nomads. Some 8 thousand years ago, they  crossed the Bering Strait into North America. The Nemeruh – “the people” – came to live a primitive hunting and gathering life in eastern Wyoming .  They had no pottery, no farming, no priests.  They were Stone Age hunters. In the early 1600’s, Spaniards from Mexico […]


November 22, 1963 In the morning, LBJ tried to talk JFK into having Ralph Yarborough, his political adversary, in the Presidential car on the motorcade, rather than John Connolly,  his political ally.  JFK said no.  Jackie heard their heated exchange. Later in the morning, Richard Nixon boarded a plane, in Dallas, to fly home.  As […]

Bottom Up

Sir John Cowperthwaite was financial secretary of Hong Kong from 1961 – 1971. “His administration did not collect any economic data during his tenure.”  Jairaj Devadiga “if I let them compute theses statistics, they’ll want to use them for planning.” During Cowperthwaite’s administration, Hong Kong grew “ from being only one fourth as rich as the United […]