The Texas School Book Depository

the evidence does cast enormous suspicion on Oswald. . . . leave him looking guilty of something.  The evidence does not, on the other hand, put him behind a gun in the sixth-floor window.”   Anthony Summers

At 11:45 am, Oswald’s co-workers on the sixth floor took the elevator down for lunch and to see the motorcade, leaving Lee without an elevator. His last words to them were: “Guys how about an elevator?  Send one of them back up.”

At 11:45-11:50 am, Book Depository foreman Bill Shelley saw Oswald near a phone on the first floor.

At 11:50 am Charles Givens saw Oswald reading a newspaper in the first floor lunch room.

At 12:00 noon, Bonnie Ray Williams went  up to the sixth floor to eat his lunch, he stayed there until 12:15 pm.  He saw no one else while he was there. The remains of his lunch – chicken bones and lunch bag – were found  after the assassination.

Between 12:00 and 12:15 pm, Junior Jarman and Harold Norman confirmed going thru the second floor lunch room, and remembered that there was “someone else in there”. During interrogation, Oswald remembered two Negro employees walking thru the lunch room while he was there.

At 12:15 m, Arnold Rowland, while standing outside across from the School Book Depository,  saw two men in the sixth floor windows, one holding a rifle across his chest.  Rowland pointed them out to his wife.

At 12:35 pm, on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. His motorcade was five minutes late.

I asked him what part of the building he was in at the time the President was shot, and he said he was having lunch about that time on the second floor”.

At 12:37 pm, Marion Baker, a motorcycle policeman riding just behind the President’s car, thought the shots came from the roof of School Book Depository.  He raced over and into the front door of the building, less than one and a half minutes after the shots were fired.  He tried to use the elevators, but they are both stopped on the fifth floor. On the second floor, he encountered a man with a coke walking away from him.  He called him to stop.  Mr. Truly, the building supervisor, caught up just then, he had been racing ahead of Baker to the top floors.  “That’s Lee Harvey Oswald, he works here”.  Oswald was calm, no sweat on his brow,  not short of breath.

At 12:40 pm, right after watching the motorcade, and the shooting Victoria Adams rushed down the back stairway of the Texas Book Depository,  “to see what was happening”.  She had been working that day on the fourth floor of the School Book Depository.  She saw or heard no one on those stairs, the stairs a sixth floor gunman would have had to use to escape.

Photojournalist James Altgen took a famous photograph of the motorcade, with the front door of the School Book Depository, in view, behind, just at the time of the shootings.  There is a small man in the doorway, shirt half open, leaning to look out.

Is… that …man . . . Lee Harvey Oswald?



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