We are Electricity

Fish swim in water.   We swim in electromagnetism.

We experience the gravitation field, we investigate the quantum field, we wonder about a field of consciousness, but we live in the electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetism is light, it is energy, it is electricity, it is magnetism, it is charge.  And it is chemistry – the dynamically ordered and structured flow of electricity between atoms.   As life is the ordered . . . structured . . . dynamic . . . self-organizing . . . self-reproducing . . . and sub-critically stable . .  chemical complexity, then life, too, is electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism is how our nerves conduct signals by firing across electric charge gradients, across axon membranes. Our brains, our hearts, our muscles, our thoughts, our emotions, our vision – they are all electromagnetic.  Seizures and cardiac sudden death are electric discharge out of control.  Our moods and state of consciousness can be mapped by electromagnetic EEG waves.

Electromagnetism is a wave that wave’s itself, like an undulating rope, electric charge swinging magnetism and magnetism swinging electric charge.  It can travel in a vacuum.  It binds protons to electrons, making atoms.  It creates matter.  It is also streams of particles – photons – which transport energy, in packets, creating information, communication and computers.

Electromagnetism is the one and only invariant reality of our universe, the one non-relative entity of unchanging dimension to all observers.  It travels faster than anything else known can travel. With its invariant, finite velocity, it creates space and time.  With a known, invariant reality,  we can know causality.

People can perceive flashes of light as feeble as a single photon“.  Nature Communications 7, 12172, 2016

We can actually see a tiny photon – a subatomic entity – with our naked eyes, testament to its central role in our evolution.

It was Photons. . . from the beginning.

The world was without form, and God said let there be light.

“The early universe contained both matter and anti-matter and that these two forms of matter annihilated each other into photos when they were brought together.  There was slightly more matter than antimatter in the early universe; without this asymmetry, the universe would be pure energy-no stars, no planets, and certainly no life.” 

Electromagnetic Light is our most universal God, with the Inca in Peru, the Egyptians on the Nile, the Aztecs in Mexico, and the Judeo-Christians in the eastern Mediterranean.

The shimmering of gold is the shared electrons of the atoms of its metallic structure,  traveling at the speed of light.

We are fish in the electromagnetic sea.


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