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Men in Combat

“Combat fog obscures your fate…and from that unknown is born a desperate bond between men” In Sebastian Junger’s War, a book about a company of soldiers in the Korengal Valley of Eastern Afghanistan, we experience war conceptually, and devoid of the cynicism of most war commentary.  Junger doesn’t speak to whether war is good or […]

Something or Something else

“The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless.” Steven Weinberg. Science seems to have the unspoken goal of finding explanations that have no arbitrary element.   Nothing can be a certain way, when it could as well be another way.  Why it isn’t always has to be explained.   The result […]

The Drama of the Gifted

In the charming movie, Vitus, a young boy is a piano prodigy.  This becomes very important to his parents, so much so that they seem to forget that he is still a young boy.  Too young to understand his gift, he wants to be a young boy.  His parents’ obsession becomes annoying, so he fakes […]

Neuron History

On Deep History and the Brain, Daniel Lord Smail, 2008. Does culture evolve  and if so, how?  This is a big question, for if culture evolves and we can change its course, then perhaps we can change our future.  We tend to see cultural history as showing a progression, a direction, and that the accumulation […]

Hoping for Spalding Gray

“Tell me a horror story, Daddy”. “. . . Look around you, son.  . . . What do you see?” There is the abyss, the secret that life is ultimately empty and meaningless, that none of us really matter.  It is that existential horror of being.  We could dwell on it, but that would make […]

Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges gives a great portrayal, not just of a failing country music artist, but of an alcoholic. Alcohol chiefly blocks emotional intelligence, not intellectual intelligence.  The alcoholic over time doesn’t know what makes him sad, what makes him happy, what makes him anxious.  We have these emotions for a reason, they teach us what […]

New Deal, Political Deal

Many consider Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be our third greatest president.  In books such as The New Dealers’s War,  by Thomas Fleming, 2001, and  The Forgotten man, by Amity Shlaes, 2007, FDR receives re-evaluation. Not all went as well with FDR as has been taught.  Unemployment was still 20% in 1939.  There was a severe […]

He’s not there, he’s gone.

In the movie “I’m not there“, creative Hollywood artists who know Bob Dylan, and know of his singular importance in our time, want to give tribute to him. There has been no sign of his acknowledgment, of course. It is curious, and very to the point, that the chosen title song for this movie may […]

Legacy of Compromise

Legacy of Secrecy, The long shadow of the JFK assassination, Lamar Waldron, with Thom Hartmann, 2009 Democracies are new to the world stage.  And the first, truly world wide power, the United States, is a democracy.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the United States had unprecedented military dominance.  The US could and did topple and […]

Das Kapital, A biography

Karl Marx has convinced generations of western intellectuals that capitalism is evil.  He witnessed capitalism during its early and ugliest stage, in 19th century England, and made the case that capitalism was an unavoidably diabolical exploitation of the many by the few.   Alas, over the next 150 years, capitalism lifted the material well being of […]